What Employment Practices Are Illegal?

California has numerous laws and regulations regarding employer behavior. It is important to understand your rights as an employee and to take action if you are being mistreated. Sullivan Law Group APC assists clients with a variety of employment law cases such as:

Wage And Hour Claims

A large portion of employment issues stem from unfair pay. This could include paying below minimum wage, failing to pay overtime rates, failing to provide accurate pay stubs or refusing to allow meal breaks and rest breaks. If you notice issues with your pay or hours, talk to a lawyer right away.

Wrongful Termination

Wrongful termination can also be difficult to prove because not every termination is illegal behavior. However, if you suspect your termination is due to discrimination or retaliation, or if it violates laws or contracts surrounding your employment, speak to a lawyer about your options.

Do Not Fear Retaliation

Not only are you protected from the above behaviors but it is also illegal for your employer to retaliate if you file a lawsuit. We know how to protect you and how to fight for compensation for the wrong done to you.


Discrimination comes in many forms. You could face discrimination because of your age, gender, race, religion, disability and more. Discrimination can be difficult to prove but some examples might include termination or being passed up for a promotion for which you met the credentials.

Sexual Harassment

If you receive inappropriate comments, actions or are asked for sexual favors in exchange for work benefits, you have every right to file a lawsuit. Our attorneys will defend you and hold the proper parties accountable.

Unemployment Insurance

Navigating insurance claims is a challenge, especially because insurance companies do not have your best interests at heart. We offer assistance with pursuing the unemployment benefits you deserve.

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