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Demographic balance in the workplace

How you act and operate at work is often a reflection of your personality. Just as is the case in your personal life, then, it might be expected that you tend to gravitate towards coworkers you can relate with. This will often include colleagues of the same sex, race, religion, nationality or political views. It is for this very reason that cliques often form in an office. Workplace cliques may not necessarily be a bad thing, yet what happens if they bleed over into operational and hiring practices? Many come to us here at the Sullivan Law Group asking whether looking to work predominantly with people similar to themselves constitutes workplace discrimination. Unfortunately, there is not an easy answer to this question. 

Understanding whistleblower protections

Many in San Diego may naturally feel a strong sense of loyalty towards their employers. That loyalty may end, however, if their employers place them in a position of doing something (or remaining silent regarding something) they believe to be wrong. Yet some may still be afraid to speak up un such instances for fear of being fired or subject to some other form of retaliation. While such fears are understandable, people should know that they are protected is they choose to speak up and/or act against their employers wrong or unlawful actions. 

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