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Understanding whistleblower protections

Many in San Diego may naturally feel a strong sense of loyalty towards their employers. That loyalty may end, however, if their employers place them in a position of doing something (or remaining silent regarding something) they believe to be wrong. Yet some may still be afraid to speak up un such instances for fear of being fired or subject to some other form of retaliation. While such fears are understandable, people should know that they are protected is they choose to speak up and/or act against their employers wrong or unlawful actions. 

What constitutes wrongful termination?

One's place of work is not solely a place to grow financially; it is a setting in which one should feel safe and respected. Because one's success in a career often hinges on his or her opportunity to grow both personally and professionally, it is crucial that a work environment helps facilitate all employees -- not a select few. When a California employee is fired on suspicious grounds, legal action may be the next step. What, exactly, constitutes wrongful termination? 

How do FMLA and CFRA differ?

Your career should never get in the way of your health, yet that often happens. You may feel as though if you need to take time of work because of your health, your employer might view you as unreliable and this decide it does not need you. Fortunately, there are laws that prevent your employer from firing you for needing extended medical leave. These include both the federal Family & Medical Leave Act as well as the California Family Rights Acts. The question is how are these two laws different? 

What happens when an employer refuses to pay for overtime?

One of life's many joys involves pride over hard work done. Many Californians could agree with this sentiment, but by the same token, there are few better feelings than hanging one's hat for the day. With the gradual decrease of unemployment rates in the country, the outlook on jobs for the average worker seems optimistic. However, there is a recurring problem in today's working world: that of unpaid overtime.

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