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How to Recognize Workplace Discrimination

In San Diego, most employers strive to create a working environment free from harassment and discrimination. Unfortunately, inequalities in the workplace can still occur and it’s often difficult for workers to identify when they are being discriminated against. Knowing the common signs of workplace discrimination is extremely useful in this regard, as it can give you the tools to identify when an issue is taking place.

Understanding affirmative action

Many in San Diego might agree with the assertion that, throughout history, there have been certain demographics that have been discriminated against. Recent years have seen policies and philosophies introduced that have attempted to right those wrongs. Affirmative action is one of them. Most likely have heard of affirmative action, yet widespread misconceptions over the principle may have most confused over what it truly is. 

Analyzing the Equal Pay Act

The efforts to end workplace discrimination are not solely aimed at helping people to get their feet in the door of companies in San Diego. Simply because one has been hired to a job does not mean that the opportunities that an employer can still discriminate against him and her have ceased. His or her treatment while on the job could also be classified as discriminatory. Salary discrepancies are one area where this is still evident. Fortunately, those whose work has been historically undervalued (at least in terms of their pay) are supported by the Equal Pay Act. 

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