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Barnes & Noble target of wrongful termination lawsuit

Working professionals in San Diego may all covet the same thing: job security. The common assumption amongst many is that almost all employees reach the point of not having to worry about being dismissed from their jobs. Yet given how often news breaks about high-ranking business officials being fired from their jobs, the idea of job security might ultimately prove to be an illusion. If managers and executives can be fired, then potentially anyone can. 

At-will employment explained

A common assumption amongst many working professionals in San Diego is that firings are rare, so much so that it is believed that one almost has to put a good deal of effort into getting his or her employer to fire him. In reality, however, firings, dismissals and layoffs happen all the time. In fact, according to information shared by the Job Openings and Labor Turnover Survey released by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 1.6 million people lost their jobs in May of 2018 alone. The ease at which employees can be discharged may be sue in large part to the concept of at-will employment. 

Can an employer fire me in retaliation?

Employers in California are beholden to federal and state laws when it comes to termination. These regulations state that it’s illegal to discharge a worker for certain reasons, such as those based on race, sex, or country of origin. It’s also not permissible for employers to fire a worker in retaliation for lawful activities, as explained by the United States Department of Labor.

Have you been fired under unfair circumstances?

As a worker in San Diego, you have a right to protect yourself from retaliatory actions at the workplace. Unfortunately, these actions can be difficult to predict, and in some cases it can even be difficult to prove that they're the root cause of your termination.

County sued by woman fired from local animal shelter

Those working in San Diego typically want to give their companies the benefit of the doubt when it comes to their practices. Yet if one witnesses something that may be unethical (or potentially illegal), he or she does have a duty to report (he or she could face consequences as well by failing to do so). Many in such cases may be hesitant to speak up, however, because they fear that by doing so they could bee endangering their jobs. Yet the law offers protection for employees from retaliatory actions by their employers in whistleblower cases. If one is fired for reporting offenses committed by his or her employer, he or she could have a case for wrongful termination

Employers can’t threaten to fire if you refuse unfair wage

Imagine this scenario: your boss tells you and your co-workers that, due to rising expenses, everyone must take a pay cut. However, this would put your earnings under California’s minimum wage. You speak up and tell your boss that the company cannot decrease your wage, but your boss tells you that you have to agree to the change – or you’re fired.

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